Summer Journalism Academy 2019

The Summer Journalism Academy offers an array of activities and workshops for students of all levels of journalism background, from hearing from professionals in the field to debating the ethics of journalism. All students will get hands on experience of producing a newspaper from scratch! Below is an overview of past programming, and specific activities for 2019 will be confirmed this summer.

Summer Journalism Academy Curriculum

Past Seminars

The Writer's Toolbox

An accomplished Crimson writer will walk students through the writing process, from brainstorming to proofreading, discussing keys to success along the way. Students will learn how to find sources, how to plan and organize a story, and how to use sentence structure to their advantage. We will show good examples to follow for every step of the process.

Past Discussion Groups/Panels

When a Story is a Story: Newsworthiness

Students will discuss the principles of what makes an article right for their respective news organizations. What elements should one consider when deciding what stories to pursue? Students will learn about the principles of newsworthiness and immediately apply them, debating whether or not a series of pre-selected hypothetical situations should be covered in a local newspaper.

Past Activities

College Prep

Students will be taken on a guided tour of Harvard College and then come back to The Crimson, where a Harvard student will answer any and all questions about college admissions, college life and reporting in college.