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Soccer Scandal at Sky High: Cheating for the Championship

Allegations of academic dishonesty by men's soccer players arose after reports of suspicious behavior the evening before a geometry exam and unusually high test scores.

Mathlete Aidan P. Ryan said he witnessed men’s soccer players "sneak into" the math office and exit with a single sheet of paper before they headed in the direction of the library, though there is no proof of what was on the paper.

"(They) came back pretty quickly with multiple sheets of paper in their hands,” Ryan said. “It just seems fishy, like they went to make a copy of the exam."

Five members of the team were also caught cheating on a chemistry final the previous year, which resulted in a one-game suspension.

In the wake of the most recent allegations, parents expressed concern over inadequate disciplinary action.

Parent Simone D. Chu said she “cannot condone this type of behavior” and refuses to stand by while such dishonesty is allowed at her child's school.

Other students in the class — some of whom were counting on the test being curved, which it was not after the abnormally high scores — also said they were displeased.

Members of the women's soccer team also said the incident was the latest example of preferential treatment of the men’s team by the administration.

Women’s soccer team coach Alexis A. Luther said that "the women's soccer team has long been underfunded and underappreciated, and are not seen as equals to the men's team" though they "have won multiple state championships."

Men’s soccer team coachJonah S. Berger denied the allegations of cheating against his players. He said he is "appalled at how (his players) have been treated by this community."

The administration is currently investigation the cheating allegations, according to principal Shera L. Avi-Yonah.

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