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Men’s Soccer Team Players Face Cheating Allegations

The men’s soccer team is in hot water for allegedly cheating on their geometry midterm in order to play in their upcoming championship game.

Suspicions were raised when math teacher Delano F. Franklin announced the scores for the geometry midterm were incredibly high. Immediately, several members of the class targeted the soccer players as potential culprits for the unreasonably high scores.

Claire C. Parker, one of the students in the class, expressed her disdain at the alleged cheating, noting that the players seem to evade consequences for cheating.

“It’s just annoying because those guys clearly cheated on a test that I studied really hard for,” Parker said. “They shouldn’t just be allowed to get away with this.”

While not one hundred percent sure of the players’ intentions, mathlete Aidan P. Ryan said he believes he witnessed the players’ alleged cheating afterschool.

“They walked in [the math office], came out with a sheet of paper, walked towards the direction of the library, and then came back pretty quickly with multiple sheets of paper in their hands,” Ryan said. “It just seems fishy, like they went to make a copy of the exam.”

In light of the allegations, principal Shera L. Avi-Yonah promised the SHS community a thorough investigation of the incident.

“The administration is looking into the allegations to the best of our ability and will be as transparent as we can with the community,” Avi-Yonah said in the statement. “We do not tolerate and have never tolerated this kind of behavior in our community, but we must be able to prove these allegations are true beyond a reasonable doubt before we are able to discuss possible punishments.”

This is not the first time Sky High has faced issues involving academic dishonesty by its athletes. Last year, five men’s soccer players were suspended for cheating on a chemistry final. The school faced heavy backlash from parents after the players involved were only suspended for one game.

SHS parent Simone D. Chu is one of many parents that want the administration to lay the hammer down on the alleged cheaters. Chu cited what said was the administration’s past inabilities to properly punish academic dishonesty, especially by the school’s athletes.

“The administration needs to show that honesty is valued over profit, that all kids at this school will be treated fairly.” Chu said, “As a parent, I cannot condone this type of behavior in my household.”

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