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Cheating Scandal Strikes Sky High Once Again

Students on the Sky High men’s soccer team are facing allegations of cheating on a recent geometry final. The school is investigating the incident but has not taken any disciplinary action.

Rumors began circulating after geometry teacher Delano F. Franklin announced to his class that he observed unusually high grades on the exam. Soon after, members of the Sky High math team, The Superhero Mathletes, came forward with the claim that they had spotted two members of the soccer team entering and exiting Franklin’s empty office multiple times the day before the exam. Franklin did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

“They walked in, came out with a sheet of paper, walked towards the direction of the library, and then came back pretty quickly with multiple sheets of paper in their hands,” Mathlete Aidan P. Ryan said. The Mathletes were gathered in the office the day before the exam to practice for their upcoming championship.

This incident comes after five men’s soccer players cheated on a chemistry final last year. The players were suspended for one game, sparking disapproval from parents who believed the students should have been punished more severely. Sky High policy dictates that in order to play in games, student athletes must keep an average of a C or better.

As word of the latest rumored geometry cheating incident spread, members of the Sky High Parent-Teacher Association began urging administrators to take disciplinary action against the men’s soccer team.

Principal Shera L. Avi-Yonah said the administration is “looking into the allegations” and plans to be “transparent” with the community.

“We do not tolerate and have never tolerated this kind of behavior in our community, but we must be able to prove these allegations are true beyond a reasonable doubt before we are able to discuss possible punishments, Avi-Yonah said.

Men’s soccer coach Jonah S. Berger denied the allegations against his athletes and said he can attest to their integrity.

“There’s no definitive proof that my boys cheated,” Berger said. “They are some of the greatest boys I’ve ever had the pleasure of coaching. They’re hardworking and honest, and I am appalled at how they have been treated by this community.”

The men’s soccer team routinely garners championship trophies, alumni donations and paid sponsorships that allow Sky High to continue operating and supply funds for other school programs. Some students and faculty have thus expressed resentment toward the administration, viewing the school as partial toward the men’s soccer team.

“The women’s soccer team has long been underfunded and underappreciated,” women’s soccer coach Alexis A. Luther said. “We have won multiple state championships, and still are not seen as equals with the men’s team. My girls are simply frustrated with how the administration has handled the situation, as they ought to be.”

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