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Boy’s Soccer Team Cheating Scandal Goes Beyond Rumor

After geometry teacher Delano F. Franklin announced extremely high grades on the geometry final, several Sky High students claim the boy’s soccer team cheated in order to maintain at least a C grade average to play for their championship. Their past record involves a cheating scandal on the chemistry final a year ago with five soccer players involved, resulting in a suspension from a soccer game, despite criticism from numerous concerned parents who wanted the severity of the punishment to be raised .

The day before the geometry exam, mathlete Aidan P. Ryan said he saw suspicious activity as his team wrapped up practice.

“They walked in, came out with a sheet of paper, walked towards the direction of the library, and then came back pretty quickly with multiple sheets of paper in their hands,” Ryan said. “It just seems fishy, like they went to make a copy of the exam.”

Franklin declined to comment on the incident. The entire math department also repeatedly refused to comment.

Parent Teacher Association members were also galvanized after the cheating incident and filed a petition to suspend all students involved in the scandal.

Additionally, the women’s soccer team expressed frustration with the issue, which they cited as the latest example of the preferential treatment the men’s team receives from the administration. Students in the geometry class have expressed similar frustration.

“It’s just annoying because those guys clearly cheated on a test that I studied really hard for,” geometry student Claire C. Parker said. “They shouldn’t just be allowed to get away with this.”

“Maybe I should try out for soccer next year,” geometry student Josh O. Florence said. “They get whatever they want.”

Jonah S. Berger, the men’s soccer coach, defended his players’ integrity.

“There’s no definitive proof that my boys cheated. They are some of the greatest boys I’ve ever had the pleasure of coaching,” he said.“They’re hardworking and honest, and I am appalled at how they have been treated by this community.”

Principal Shera L. Avi-Yonah said the school is “looking into the allegations,” but needs proof before further action.

“We do not tolerate and have never tolerated this kind of behavior in our community, but we must be able to prove these allegations are true beyond a reasonable doubt before we are able to discuss possible punishments,” she said.

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