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Administrators are investigating allegations that the members of the Sky High School’s men's soccer team cheated on their geometry final in order to play in their upcoming championship game, based on the accounts of students in the geometry class.

Aidan P. Ryan, a member of the Superhero Mathletes, said he saw two star soccer players walking out of the math department with a sheet of paper and later came back from the direction of the library with several sheets.

“It just seems fishy, like they went to make a copy of the exam,” he said. “As a passionate math lover, I don’t think that’s fair. Math courses should be treated with respect.”

As word of what the mathletes saw spread around the school, several students came to the conclusion that cheating was involved as the championship soccer game was fast approaching.

This was not the first time the men’s soccer team has faced a cheating scandal. Last year, five players were caught cheating on a chemistry final and received suspension for one game. Parents criticized the administration’s response as they believed that the students deserve more severe punishments; however the school administrators remained quiet.

This time around, the administration has yet to “discuss possible punishment” due to the lack of concrete evidence; however, principal Shera L. Avi-Yonah has released a statement which reads, “The administration is looking into the allegations to the best of our ability and will be as transparent as we can with the community. We do not tolerate and have never tolerated this kind of behavior in our community.”

Although the math students cannot confirm that the sheet of paper was in fact the answers to the geometry final, these alleged accusations have caused growing dissatisfaction with the members of the Parent Teacher Association.

“We should not be teaching our kids these kinds of values,” said Simone D. Chu, a concerned parent. “The administration needs to show that honesty is valued over profit, that all kids at this school will be treated fairly.”

Men’s soccer coach Jonah S. Berger, who has worked closely with the boys all season, refuted the allegations.

“They are some of the greatest boys I’ve ever had the pleasure of coaching,” he said. “They’re hardworking and honest, and I am appalled at how they have been treated by this community.”

Several students are simply tired of the men’s soccer team receiving what they saw as special treatment from the administration, despite these recurring cheating issues.

“I should try out for soccer next year,” geometry student Josh O. Florence said.“They get whatever they want.”

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