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Men’s Soccer Team Players Face Allegations of Cheating on Geometry Exam

Sky High School soccer players face accusations of cheating on their geometry final ahead of their championship match, according to Principal Shera L. Avi-Yonah.

Geometry teacher Delano F. Franklin said he saw extremely high grades on the recent final but would not comment on the allegations.

Mathlete and whistleblower Aidan P. Ryan said he noticed the star soccer players copy papers as he wrapped up math practice.

“They walked in, came out with a sheet of paper, walked towards the direction of the library, and then came back pretty quickly with multiple sheets of paper in their hands,” Ryan said.

While Avi-Yonah has yet to punish the students accused, she said the administration is “looking into” the allegations. However, she feels strongly about the consequences if she does find evidence. She assures the community that she will be as transparent as possible as she reviews the case.

“We do not tolerate and have never tolerated this kind of behavior in our community,” she said.

This was not the first time the men’s soccer team faced allegations of cheating. Members of the men’s soccer team were suspended for cheating on a chemistry final one year prior.

Despite Coach Jonah S. Berger affirming that his boys are “hardworking and honest,” many members of the women’s soccer team, other geometry students, and parents expressed their frustration at the school’s handling of the cheating incidents.

Numerous parents thought the suspension was not a severe enough punishment for last year’s cheating incident.

“We should not be teaching our kids these kinds of values,” parent Simone D. Chu said. “The administration needs to show that honesty is valued over profit, that all kids at this school will be treated fairly.”

Alexis A. Luther, coach of the women’s soccer team, said she believes the women’s team is justifiably frustrated with their preferential treatment towards the men’s team.

“The women’s soccer team has long been underfunded and underappreciated,” Luther said.

Molly V. McCaffert, a member of the women’s soccer team, pointed out that there are differences in how the men and women’s teams are treated.

“It’s hard knowing that no matter how many championships we win or how hard we work, we will never be on the same level as the boys team,” McCaffert said. “But I know that we will continue to work our hardest, whether or not we have the same support from the school as the boys team.”

Geometry Student Josh O. Florence also expressed his disdain for the soccer team.

“Maybe I should try out for soccer next year. They get whatever they want,” Florence said.

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