The Harvard Crimson will host its third annual Pre-Collegiate Innovation Competition and Academy virtually from July 30th - August 14th, 2020. This conference aims to provide ambitious high schoolers an opportunity to formulate and refine their ideas in response to real world-problems. Students have the chance to compete in a business case-study tournament where they can test their ideas with experts in the field and learn from others in an interactive and open environment. Students will get the chance to engage with Harvard students and prestigious guest speakers in lectures, small group discussions, and one-on-one mentorship. Throughout the program, we also offer workshops that cover various topics, including entrepreneurship, essay writing, leadership skills, and more! 

Business Meeting


This course will help students identify and practice the key characteristics that cultivate and advance entrepreneurs. In particular, our workshops will teach you how to make a business plan, take effective risks, pitch your ideas, and solve business cases. In short, we will help you fine-tune the skill of successfully actualizing a vision. 



This lesson focuses on the powerful ways in which we communicate – through email, in-person dialogue, or on the phone. How you present yourself and your voice is a critical component of the first impression you make, of being an effective leader, and of the message that you’re trying to convey. You will have the opportunity to practice and enhance the most important ways in which society communicates. Much of this work will culminate into the final presentation that you deliver later in the conference. 

Leadership Development

There are many things that you have learned in high school – from physics to economics – but there are certain skills that are not taught. From basic time
management advice to developing your leadership style, you will learn how to best succeed in high school and beyond. We will also be inviting a Harvard professor to speak about their personal experience in choosing a career and what advice they can give to students making that choice. 

Checking Text on a Document

College applications

College applications can seem like a confusing and daunting process; we are here to help provide guidance and answers. Through panel discussions and a Q&A session, you have the opportunity to ask current Harvard students any questions you have. There will also be formal presentations giving comprehensive advice on the various components of the application, from the Common App, to the essays, references, financial-aid, and interviews. 



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