The Harvard Crimson's
2021 Fall Webinar Series

A free 8-part series from Sept 4 to Dec 11 with two distinct topics: college admissions and journalism.




Founded in 1873, The Harvard Crimson is a daily newspaper run entirely by Harvard College undergraduates.

Our Fall Webinar Series is run by the Global Programs department of the Harvard Crimson. Our aim is to provide enriching and meaningful programs for high school students.

Through this online webinar series, you will get the opportunity to learn from and connect directly with current Harvard undergraduates on college admissions and journalism.

This is an 8-part series split into two topics: college admissions and journalism. We will alternate between times to accommodate all time zones.

Webinars will typically have a half hour workshop followed by a half hour of Q&As, though not all webinars will follow this format.


We welcome anyone in high school, from freshmen to seniors, from anywhere in the world to attend.

To see other programs we offer, visit The Harvard Crimson's Global Programs website.



College Admissions

September 4

7pm EDT

October 2

11am EDT

October 30

7pm EDT

November 27

11am EST

Topic: Academics and extracurriculars

We will discuss how to approach choosing classes/extracurriculars and how to think about them from the perspective of colleges.

Topic: Standardized testing and preparation

Which standardized tests do I need to take? How do I do well on them? How important are they? How should I think about them?

Topic: Awards and competitions

How important are winning honors/awards and competing in competitions? Which ones do I do? How should I think about them?

Topic: The Common Application and essays

How do I actually apply to college? We will also go over arguably the most important part of your application: your essays.


September 18

7pm EDT

October 16

11am EDT

November 13

7pm EST

December 11

11am EST

Topic: The Basics of Journalism and How to Have a Voice

Topic: News, Reporting, and Ethics

Topic: The Importance of Journalism and What It Takes To Be a Good Journalist

Topic: Journalism in College



Frequently asked questions

Is this free?

Yes! Our Fall Webinar Series is completely free!

What other programs do you have?

We offer a variety of programs for high school students. Click here to see The Harvard Crimson's Global Programs.

What is Run The World?

We decided to use a more scalable platform called Run The World instead of Zoom to host these webinars. The platform is very simple and intuitive and will allow more participants to attend.

Is The Harvard Crimson affiliated with Harvard?

The Harvard Crimson is the newspaper organization at Harvard College run entirely by Harvard undergraduates.

Can teachers, advisors, counselors, or parents attend?

Of course! Although our target audience is high school students in grades 9-12, anyone is welcome to attend.